Munay Ki Mallorca


2019 programme details - coming soon.

Past events

Introduction to Shamanic Practices


This is an introduction to the practices of shamanism, the most ancient spiritual healing practice known to mankind.

Join us for an experiential workshop where you will step into the shamanic traditions of the Q'ero people of Peru and have the opportunity to explore a different way of perceiving reality.

Every day we dream our new world into being. Come learn how to do this consciously.

At our event you will:

* Learn to create sacred space

* View the world through the eyes of the 4 shamanic archetypes

* Discover the beauty of the Munay Ki rites and receive The Bands of Power

* Explore new ways to seek guidance for yourself and others through Shamanic Journeying

14 April 2018

Price: €15 per person

Location: Bodhana yoga studio c./benito jerónimo feijoo 1, apart. de mar, puerto portals

Personal Power Meditation Techniques


In this one hour weekly session of guided meditation and energy exercises you will learn how to ground, cleanse and protect your energy so that you can direct it to create the life you want. 

•  Guided meditation to ground yourself energetically

•  Energy cleansing procedures

•  Energy protection techniques

•  Manifestation and intuition building exercises